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About Ascert

Ascert builds products for assuring the quality of mission critical servers and applications typically found in industries such as Financial Payments, Retail, Healthcare & Telco. Our best-in-class automated software testing and data maintenance solutions, VersaTest & Relate, help many of the world’s biggest and best companies verify, measure and maintain application performance, reliability and scalability.

VersaTest’s flexibility and ease-of-use make it an excellent testing platform to enable accurate and timely testing practices. Our Jenkins plugin takes this to the next level as part of DevOps processes, by enabling software changes to be automatically tested as new application builds are continuously integrated. Finally, our cloud-based testing service, Ascertified, enables testing solutions to be deployed in the shortest possible time with zero customer footprint. VersaTest adds value in the testing of both the oldest legacy platforms with its green-screen 6530 & 3270 terminals, to the newest virtual platforms using the latest financial services APIs.

Relate is a NonStop-based family of solutions that provides intelligent file manipulation, comparison, maintenance and migration functions on all types of Enscribe files. Relate can read an application’s existing data definitions and enables field level file changes to be made or identified in the most efficient and reliable manner possible. Relate was originally conceived as a companion product for VersaTest to verify the changes caused by message-based test transactions on an application’s underlying databases. But the power of the query expressions in Relate’s command-line interfaces has also made the product an essential data-maintenance solution in many production environments. This has been further solidified by the addition of Relate EnSQL to the product family; this uses standards-based SQL-92 via JDBC and the TACL command-line to provide SQL access to Enscribe data without code changes or API interception.